La Cité Universelle

Baumschlager Eberle Architekten wins competition in Paris


For the second time, the city of Paris has announced a competition for innovative city projects. "Réinventer Paris" received 217 applications and the jury awarded 20 prizes. We are pleased that the "Cité Universelle" by Baumschlager Eberle Architekten and INEDIT are among these winners. The construction project in the 19th arrondissement is typologically outstanding: The building with its 9 floors houses a sports hall, fitness facilities, offices and a hotel. Now, why is this special? All 30,000 square meters of this building at Marseillaise Square are entirely accessible for people with or without handicap. 

The term "universal" therefore does not simply refer to the fact that public functions of a city are united in one place. This word also means that the building can be used by (almost) everyone. 


The shape of town-within-a-building with its rounded corners is symbolic of this urban and social integration. It radiates dynamism, a solitaire that opens up to its surroundings on the ground floor. However, the building really picks up the pace with its outboard ramps: They serve both as an outdoor space and as a distinctive accent in the urban area. 


More information about the Paris office here.


Paris, 17 january 2019


Credits: LMNB Rendering for Baumschlager Eberle Architekten and INEDIT