Residential area Hamburg-Farmsen

Clinker, that’s the way it is

The Hamburg office of Baumschlager Eberle Architekten recently won a competition in its home city. 155 apartments are to be built in the neighbourhood of the historic residential and nursing home in Farmsen, creating a venue in dialogue with this distinctive counterpart and the generous green surroundings in the vicinity of the August-Krogmann-Straße.


The attractive open spaces of the two communicating patios, the striking buildings and traditional brick structures contribute substantially to a sense of well-being within the residential quarter: the site is both open and enclosed, wherever one or the other makes sense. This is architecture that is led back to its genuine sculptural qualities. With a construction as reduced as it is precise.


This design seeks utmost alignment of the needs of the residents with holistic planning. Achieving this degree of identification is one of the major aspirations of  Baumschlager Eberle Architekten. Affordability of what is built is another.

Simple structures and lasting materials keep the maintenance of the buildings inexpensive. Thanks to Poroton bricks and the facade-window proportions, insulation and controlled living space ventilation are unnecessary. 


The result: rental apartment buildings for SAGA, the client, that are convincing in many ways: aesthetically, because the authenticity of materials finds common ground with the fundamental elements of architecture. Functionally, because they allow partitioning of the apartments without major effort. Economically, because the simplicity of construction and the quality of materials result in durable and reliable buildings.


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Hamburg, den 26. November 2019