New high-rise completed in Berlin

From Q218 to LIESE

On 27 June 2022, the LIESE was officially opened. In the presence of the Mayor of Berlin, Mrs. Franziska Giffey, representatives of our client HOWOGE Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH and Prof. Gerd Jäger, of our Berlin office.



LIESE is the abbreviation for "Lichtenberger Riese" or Lichtenberger Giant (name of the neighbourhood). The new, more handsome name replaced the spartan project title Q218. The 64-metre-high tower contains 394 flats and 2,800 m² of retail space. Around 80 to 100 flats are supplied with energy by the building's own photovoltaic system.

LIESE was an urban planning challenge because the high-rise is located directly at the Lichtenberg S-Bahn station and thus sets an example for the urban environment. The facade of light-coloured plaster characterises the building envelope and forms an attractive meandering shape with seemingly open corners. Ornament and plasticity unite in a beautiful commonality. LIESE is located within sight of our second high-rise in the "Quartier am Rathauspark" on Frankfurter Allee.


Photos: Timm Kölln (people), Prof. Gerd Jäger (architecture) 


Berlin, 27th of june 2022