Bernadottestraße - cool elegance

This ensemble of four individual buildings mediates between the surrounding buildings. A bar, whose high point faces Bernadottestraße, marks the starting point for the ensemble. The remaining three buildings are arranged around a striking hornbeam tree in the centre of a private park.

All 24 apartments feature generous open spaces. The buildings are finished in fine plaster; the bases and arcades in front feature natural stone, giving the ensemble its distinguished character. Visually, the structure is organised into storeys using layered pilasters and delicate entablatures at the upper edge of the building.


Very British - as you would expect in Hamburg.

Completion 2018


Hamburg, March 14, 2019


More about the BEA Hamburg office here.



Dorfmüller & Klier

archphoto, inc. © Baumschlager Eberle Architekten