Ground-breaking ceremony

Residential and commercial building in Rankweil

A new residential and commercial project is being built on 1150 square meters in the municipality of Rankweil in Vorarlberg, Austria. 

On Monday, third of June 2019, the ground-breaking ceremony took place at the Hadeldorfstrasse in the presence of the project members and the mayoress Katharina Wöss-Krall. Until Fall 2020, twelve rental appartments, four groundfloor office-, business- or ordination-spaces as well as 18 underground and nine visitor parking spaces will be built on site. The owner, HS4 Projektgesellschaft mbH, is expecting an investment volume of five million Euros. 


The project initiative planned by Baumschlager Eberle Architects (Lustenau) contributes to the evolution of the local center and the whole region as an attractive home and workplace in Vorarlberg. Mayoress Wöss-Krall is excited about the new architectural highlight in her community: "Thanks to the good cooperation between the design advisory board and the architects, we will be able to realize a well conceived project." 

Harmonious overall concept

For Egon Hajek, manager of the Röthen construction company Hajek Riedmann, one of the key success factors when creating the new momentum space for living and working was to involve the mayor, the design advisory board and the neighbours. He emphasizes: "with our project initiative, we want to add value. This can only be done by integrating people and with this creating a harmonious overall concept." 


This harmony translates also in the design of the building that was particularly praised by the jury of the competition. One particular feature of the project is the newly designed forecourt connecting to the planned office- and ordination spaces on the groundfloor. 



Source quotes: Local newspaper HEIMAT, Vorarlberg