The dynamic architectural forms shape the interplay of old and new


The focus of the design brief was on the provision of affordable new housing and the revitalisation of the site as a whole. The combination of two small industrial buildings connected by an organically shaped linking element and a new residential tower was to create an integrated complex on a brownfield site occupied by a disused Zeuna-Stärker factory.



This area of Augsburg-Oberhausen was in urgent need of a new centrepiece. The two retained Zeuna-Stärker buildings are linked by the addition of a connecting structure to create a single complex accommodating workshops, start-ups and learning space: the ‘communicating zone’ of the Creative Quarter. The new tower, comprising 11 residential storeys and a ground-floor offering hospitality and office premises, is positioned alongside the two original buildings, the staggered heights giving shape to the quarter’s central square.

Urban feel

Ultimately, thanks to the clever interplay of old and new, the way the complex blends into the larger urban context and the value added by the subtle landscaping, it is the sum of these carefully considered parts – the variety of uses, the exterior space and the sculptural quality of the architecture – that creates the urban feel that is the essence of the project.


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Lustenau in June 2021